Coffee Review: Grumpy Mule Columbia Cafe Equidad

Here is the next coffee in my batch from Grumpy Mule. This promised to be an altogether different type of coffee from the last one (Araku Valley), produced in a different part of the world. They are already proving to be one of my favourite brands. How does the Columbian hold up?

Grumpy Mule Columbia Cafe Equidad
Copyright MG Mason 2017

Profile: South American coffees tend to have a fruity or nutty flavour, pleasant and lighter on body than their African or Asian counterparts. The label promises hazelnut, caramel and red fruits – an ideal late summer/autumn coffee then? Once again, I always brew my fresh coffee in a Moka pot and then add hot water to make it an Americano.

Scent: The roasted beans have a sour fruit scent to them, not particularly strong and unlike to fill your kitchen with the dense, exotic aroma of quality coffee. That scent is there during the brewing process. The espresso version of the brewed product is pleasant, not too sharp, a hint of fruit and perhaps something resembling nut. Not much is taken away from the scent when adding hot water.

Colour: The raw beans and grounds are a medium brown, roughly the equivalent of good quality chocolate. The brewed product both before and after adding hot water is a fairly typical dark brown. Nothing really stands out here. Ditto with adding milk.

Flavour: The first flavour that hits the palate is a dry slight bitterness that I guess you could say is reminiscent of nut. To me, it has an underlying sweetness that makes it taste more like Brazil nut than hazelnut. That comes through quite strongly in the espresso brew. The Americano version dilutes that slightly and enhances the red berry flavours. It’s easy on the tongue, leaving a familiar bitter aftertaste of coffee but this one is not too strong.

Verdict: This is a lovely, medium, easy on the taste buds coffee. I would recommend it as an easy drink to anyone who doesn’t usually drink coffee. The dry bitterness may put them off, and there are better sweeter coffees on the market for first timers. Nor is it a coffee for people who take theirs, hard, strong and with a slap-in-the-face sensation. It’s a happy medium between the lighter coffees like the Taylor’s of Harrogate Good Morning! and those at the stronger end. I’d still recommend another Taylor’s brew over this though, the Brasilia

Marks out of 10: I enjoyed this coffee, but it didn’t blow me away. It’s ideal for a summer’s day and autumn mornings. I will most likely buy it again but it’s not near the top of my list of favourites. 7.5/10


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