Foodie Review: Stavros Greek Restaurant Falmouth

Note: This review is only for the Falmouth branch that opened in 2017.

What Is It?

Falmouth’s (Cornwall) newest eatery is the second outlet for this traditional Greek restaurant that already has a branch in Newquay. Serving home-cooked and traditional Greek food with strong Cypriot influences, Stavros’ has all of your favourites and maybe some dishes you have never tried or considered trying. Stavros’ is open for daytime lunches and evenings, 7 days per week.

Where Is It?

The address is 6 Market Strand in Falmouth. You’ll find it directly opposite the town’s pier at the northwest end of town. There is a bus stop across the road but most people arriving by public transport are likely to be dropped off at The Moor which is less than a five-minute walk. The nearest two car parks are The Moor and The Quarry which are both roughly a five-minute walk.

How Good is the Food?

I adore Greece and have felt at a loss for genuine Greek food no matter where I have lived. I cannot understand why there are so few restaurants. When I saw this place advertised over a year ago it was a mix of trepidation and excitement. What I didn’t want was a kebab house not much different from a Turkish kebab house. Those fears proved misplaced. Quite simply, the food is amazing.

This is good quality, genuine, home-cooked food. My partner and I had a three-course meal. For starter I had dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), Cypriot slow-cooked sausage for the main course, finishing up with baklava. My partner had loukanika (Greek sausage), pastitsio (a Greek lasagne) and kataifi (similar to baklava). We loved every mouthful of every meal and had no complaint with the food. It felt authentic and made to genuine recipes. There are vegetarian, fish and meat options including a choice of mezes.

Not only is the food authentic, so are the beverages. Fans of the Greek lager Mythos will be pleased to know that they stock this. They also stock Alfa Hellenic and a wide range of Greek wines, including Retsina.


As you can see from the Stavros menu, prices for starters begin at around £4, main courses are around £11 and desserts are all £4.75. A beer is around £3.50 and a glass of wine £4.35 should you opt for a glass rather than a bottle. Our three-course meal plus one drink each (I had the beer, my partner had wine) cost us £60. This is fairly standard for good quality food these days. Also see the Stavros drinks menu here.

What is the Service Like?

The food is amazing, but what you eat is only half of the experience of going to a nice restaurant. Too often these days, places seem to want to turn the customers over and have them out of the door within the hour. This saddens me more than anything else when I want to go out for a nice meal with my partner or family. However, Stavros allows you to take your time. We spent just short of two hours in Stavros and I can’t remember the last time we spent so long in a restaurant. The owner – presumably the names Stavros – clearly takes pride in his business and takes time out to talk to customers, as do the waiting staff. The Friday night we went in it was very busy, but everyone was greeted with a smile and the same relaxed courtesy. There is a wonderful environment in Stavros.

Any Complaints?

My only real complaint is that there seems to be slightly too many tables, creating a cramped atmosphere that could ruin an intimate meal. I understand that a small restaurant like Stavros needs to make the best use of space but removing one or two tables will make it a little less claustrophobic. Everything else is spot on though!


The decor is great, the food superb and the wait staff can’t do enough to make you feel relaxed and welcome. Stavros appears to pride itself on the full Greek experience – the food, the atmosphere and the hospitality. We will certainly be going there again and recommending it to anybody who asks for somewere to eat in Falmouth.


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