About Random Reviews

The clue is in the title! This is where I post my random reviews. On this site, you will find reviews of food  and drink, days out, places to go, films, video games and anything else that I do not put on my main site.

The internet is awash with review sites and recently, Amazon has begun cracking down on fake reviews. Many people suspect that reviews on commercial sites are often dishonest and that’s a shame because I and many others come to rely on internet reviews to guide us in what we purchase. So I decided to compile my own dedicated review site for things not really appropriate to my writing site.

If you would like me to review your product, please contact me. I will give an honest review so please don’t assume that a “5 star” or equivalent review is guaranteed. I do not expect payment but I do ask that you are patient if I have a lot of reviews to get through.


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